Soft Goat Stubble Smoothing Pads

Face it, a little stubble is sexy, and the 5 o’clock shadow is now something that women have begun adding to their list of wants on a guy. The only problem is that with a little stubble is what it comes with for a girl: lot of pain and scratches, especially during extended makeout sessions.Have no fear, Soft Goat Pads to the rescue. Sliding onto the scene and touting the ability to soften those short razor sharp hairs that attack a woman’s smooth, sensitive face, Soft Goat hypo-allergenic pads are small enough to stow away in your pocket and easy enough to take anywhere with you so you can smooth up on the fly. Your girlfriends/hookups/mistresses are now safe from the onslaught of daggers that rest on your sexy, shadowed face. You devil, you. $12 – BUY

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Bruns Timbre Relic SpeakerWith enough Bluetooth speaker choices out there to choke a horse, its high time we went on the hunt for one with not only high quality sound, but a speaker that looked great on our shelf/coffee table/balcony. The folks over at Australian based Bruns Acoustics hit the nail on the head with the Bruns Timbre Relic Bluetooth Speaker. With its worn-to-the-bone look, each speaker is hand made and pays homage to a gem of an antique you might find hidden in some barn cellar in the Midwest. Don’t let the exterior fool you – the insides of this speaker were meticulously built with the highest quality components, including a 75 watt analog amplifier which will give your tunes a warm, rich sound that is often lost amongst today’s choices. With full Bluetooth connectivity to accommodate the latest tech and coming in several colors and finishes, this is one speaker that will draw up a conversation while looking amazing in your pad. $830 – BUY

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HotTug Jacuzzi BoatFace it, the time of the jacuzzi being sequestered to the deck in your backyard has come to a close. That said, it’s high time you took your dreams of a traveling hot tub and made them a reality with the HotTug – the worlds first boat/hot-tub combination that is heated by a real woodburning oven. Requiring nothing but a few logs to generate some piping hot water within its hull, the HotTug comes equipped with a battery-powered motor that will gently push you along any calm water environment while you enjoy your well-deserved soak. With two available motors for 2.5 and 8 hour cruising times and room for 6 to 8 of your closest friends, this is one boat we plan on having on our next flatwater excursion. $25,000 – BUY

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Guinness MarshmallowsNot everyone is afforded the pleasure of having a drink to wind down their workday at the office. The next best thing is sneaking your alcohol in via infused foods, and the Guinness Marshmallow is just the thing. Made from Guinness single stout and sweetened with pure Penzey’s vanilla extract, this bite-sized sweet is gently rolled in crushed pretzels and packs enough flavor to keep you going until you cruise on over to your favorite happy hour. Happy St. Patty’s day all around! $8 – BUY

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Miracle Machine Wine MakerWe’ve all heard of guys merrily brewing their own beers in the comfort of their own garage, but now you can be one step closer to being a fully independent one-stop alcohol shop when you pick up The Miracle Machine. This groundbreaking device is touted at the world’s first affordable at-home winemaking machine, capable of producing an entire bottle of wine from use $2 worth of ingredients in just a few days. The Miracle Machine is completely bluetooth integrated with iOS and Android Devices, so you control the production of your wine entirely from your wireless device. A multitude of electrical sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps carefully control the environment around the fermentation chamber, ensuring a quality end product one can be proud of. Kits are made to order from the producers of this amazing product, each producing a different variety of wine to satisfy even the most discerning palate. With plans for a monthly club for only 10 dollars (which will give you up to 4 bottles worth of supplies per month) and and amazing user interface that lets your control every aspect of the process, this is certainly a product to follow and get in on early. $499 – BUY

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Grand Hotel Kronenhof

Dubbed as one of the most architecturally significant Grand Hotels in the Alps since the 19th century and voted 2014′s top hotel in the world, the Grand Hotel Kronenhof is the ultimate blend of supreme luxury mixed with today’s latest technological advances. The 5-star Kronenhof is located in Pontresina, situated within the magnificent Swiss Alps and only a short drive to the famous town of St. Moritz. Guests are treated to stunning views of the Alps and the glaciers of Bernina and Val Rosegwhile while partaking in a multitude of activities within the hotel. The 2000 square-meter spa contains facilities of every kind, including steam pools, a relax-floating grotto with underwater music, saltwater grotto, sauna, Kneipp footbaths, solarium, and fitness center. Those in search of fine dining are definitely not left behind, either, with a broad repertoire of refined gourmet fair brought to you through several unique dining options located throughout the hotel. Come to ski? Of course you did. The nearby town of St. Moritz is considered one of the most varied winter regions in Switzerland, offering four main peaks and 350 km of pistes, 200 km of nordic ski trails and 150 km of winter hiking trails and 13 nearby resorts. $$$ – BOOK

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mini museumThere are few things we keep on our work desk that can capture as much awesome as the Mini Museum. Literally Billions of years in the making, the Mini Museum captures some of the universe’s most amazing and iconic events and seals them in a beautifully modern resin block for your viewing pleasure. Packed with amazing stuff found throughout history, you will run into things like dinosaur egg shells, a piece of mummy wrap which dates back to 350 BCE, soil from Vlad III(Dracula)’s castle in Transylvania, foil from the Apollo 11 Command Module, brick from Abraham Lincolns house, and even the oldest piece of matter ever collected (4,568,200,000 years old!). All contents are 100% genuine. The list gets bigger and better, too, just look at the list on their site. Coming in small, medium, and large versions, this limited edition piece of history will be the centerpiece of anything it sits upon. $99 – BUY

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Treeson Bottled WaterTouted by the makers as “The eco-friendly, toxin-free, trash eliminating, clean energy making, tree planting, best tasting, purest natural spring water ever”, we were immediately drawn to this interesting Kickstarter project. Treeson Bottled Water raises the bar for eco-conscious  products with a multi-faceted approach to saving the environment, one bottle at a time. Every bottle has a prepaid postage label built in, so you can throw the bottle in the mail back to their facility for recycling, free of charge. Treeson bottles are also 100% toxin free and certified free of any GMOs, while the water inside is purified via a system modeled after how water is filtered in the rainforest canopy, with the perfect balance of electrolytes and minerals added post-purification. The result? An unmatched quality of water bottled in the most environmentally friendly package we’ve ever seen. Did we mention that they will plant one tree for every bottle sold? Bravo, Treeson, bravo. $20 – BUY

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Fulton-&-Roark-Cologn-LifecladLet’s face it – spraying yourself with cologne is something that has long since been a task that’s been confined to the privacy of your home bathroom. Modern day man rarely travels with his cologne. With the rules in place for liquids and flying, we have lost more than one awesome scent on our journeys abroad. Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne is a brand new way to enjoy smelling as sharp as you look while on the go anywhere. Coming in a solid steel case, Fulton & Roark have combined the highest quality essential oils with a wax blend of microcrystalline wax and coconut oil. The result? A solid-state cologne that you only have to run your fingertips across to apply and that lasts as long as its liquid counterpart. No more liquids, no more mess, no more spritzing. Now this is a great idea. $42 – BUY

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Tequila Barrel Ice ChestWe start picking out our bathing suits in February – That is how excited we get for the summer season. Why not take it a step further and throw down on an ice chest that would make Captain Morgan proud. The Reclaimed Tequila Barrel Ice Chest will help solidify your pad as THE summer hangout spot no matter where you choose to place it (we recommend right out front on the porch, so people know you mean business). Made from a genuine wood tequila barrel, this hefty container once housed enough tequila to take down an entire fraternity house and has been brought back to life for another (equally enjoyable) use. Gently cleaned and recycled, this large container was then split, hinged, insulated, and put on a stand, ready to hold all of your summer brews with a throwback pirate style. One more thing you can check off as we head for summertime. $595 – BUY

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